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Odewald KMU is one of the leading investment partners for succession solutions and growth financing in the German-speaking regions. We realise sustainable growth in small and medium-sized companies while maintaining the company's identity – strategically planned, partnership-based and value-adding in every respect.


We act responsibly and proactively. In this way, we can continuously bring people and companies forward.


We don’t just think like entrepreneurs, we act like entrepreneurs. Our investments are long-term orientated and sustainably successful.


We are committed to small and medium-sized companies and to the “Mittelstand”, are aware of our social responsibility, and act according to clear principles.

What makes Odewald KMU special?

We are more than just investors, capital providers and advisors. We invest in partnerships on a personal and financial level, thereby combining social and economic interests. This is reflected in everything we do – making successful companies even more successful. In doing so, we do not define success solely on the basis of economic indicators. On the contrary! For us, it is the sum of entrepreneurial, personal and economic progress, as well as continuous technological and social improvement.

In order to achieve these goals, we promote entrepreneurial thinking and always orientate ourselves to the individual challenges of our investments. For entrepreneurs and management, this makes us a professional, value-adding partner, mentor and companion on the road to the future.

Sustainability is the key criterion for success on this road. That is why we place a higher value on stable performance than on growth at any price. For us, this is what a genuine forward-looking approach means. We nurture this by developing sustainable strategies, applying our experience, and leveraging the potential of our network. In this way, we generate success and ensure the future viability of all portfolio companies.

Working together makes the difference. We live a corporate culture that is characterised by open dialogue, mutual respect and clear goals. Everyone in the Odewald KMU team thinks and acts in an entrepreneurial way, puts their heart and passion into it, is personally involved in the investments, feels committed to the “Mittelstand”, and speaks its language. We say what we do, and we do what we say. This commitment is the foundation of a good relationship. It gives our portfolio companies the security and all the freedom to exploit untapped potential.

under management

Since 2008, we have invested in more than 30 companies.

is the average annual sales growth of our investments

years of private equity experience

throughout the team of Odewald KMU

Adding value – our contribution to your success story

Odewald KMU invests in potential. It is important to use this to sustainably increase the value of our investment and of your company. We support entrepreneurs and management teams with tailor-made solutions with regard to succession solutions and financing issues, as well as with our entrepreneurial expertise. We provide you with access to our network in industry, science, public administration and politics, and we help to set up active advisory boards. This is how we provide strong impulses for further growth.

Your company will benefit from this on all growth paths – regardless of whether you are aiming for organic growth through new products and customers, as well as opening up new markets, or for industry consolidation through acquisitions. Good to know – in all our investments, we involve the former majority shareholders and give the members of the management team the opportunity to co-invest in the company. This motivates and strengthens the identification with the company and aligns the interests of all stakeholders.

Responsible – our investment principles

We take responsibility and invest responsibly. This connects us with the “Mittelstand”. To achieve this, we act according to clearly defined principles. These extend far beyond the financial aspects of our investments. A whole range of important ESG criteria are also decisive for us.

Based on international ESG criteria

  • E stands for Environmental, i.e., taking into account all environmental aspects associated with an investment – today and in the future
  • S refers to the Social impact that an investment may potentially have
  • G stands for Governance and concerns all issues of good corporate governance

The ESG criteria are not required or established by law. We fulfil them voluntarily and comprehensively in order to satisfy our social responsibility and to give our partners, investors and associated companies the highest level of security.

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Full of opportunities – our network

Odewald KMU is well connected in the German industrial and “Mittelstand” sector, as well as in public administration and politics. We leverage our network to identify experienced supervisors and advisors as investment partners and to establish contacts with leading consultants and entrepreneurs from relevant industrial sectors or with prominent personalities in public life. Distinguished personalities from business, science, administration, media, culture and politics accompany our work. We also draw valuable expertise and constantly fresh growth impulses from this circle.

What our network thinks about us

“Odewald KMU is an investment company with which I am always happy to be involved as an active advisor. Because the collaboration is just right, because the portfolio companies have real potential, because the future is being shaped here.”

Dr. Marion Helmes
Supervisor, ProSiebenSat1 Media, Siemens Healthineers, British American Tobacco, Heineken
Advisory board member, Odewald KMU and Langer & Laumann

“Odewald KMU‘s portfolio comprises companies with strong roots and solid business models. Every transaction is an investment in the future and in sustainable growth. That’s why I like to be on board – an advisor, a source of ideas, and as a sparring partner.”

Martin Hennerici

Former Chairman of the Board of Management, Voith Industrial Services

Advisory board member, ARTUS and Ebert HERA Esser

“True entrepreneurship is characterised by responsibility and a future-orientated approach. Odewald KMU stands for both. It invests specifically in small and medium-sized companies with potential. I enjoy helping these companies towards the future in my capacity as an advisor.”

Alfons Frenk

Former Chief Executive Officer, EDEKA

Advisor, Bäckerei Schmidt and Media Central

”Small and medium-sized companies are the heart of the German economy. With its partnership-based approach, Odewald KMU supports these companies in their development regarding succession solutions and growth financing. This pivotal role is a key success factor to a sustainable "Mittelstand" policy.”

Dr. Peter Ramsauer

Former Federal Minister

Strong in development – our history

Odewald KMU was founded in 2008. Since then, we have been investing specifically in attractive small and medium-sized companies in the German-speaking countries. To date, we have successfully developed more than 16 investments organically and completed 17 add-on investments – as entrepreneurs and as investors. The Odewald KMU management companies are owned by the Odewald KMU Partners, who make all investment decisions for the funds. In other words – our team is an inherently entrepreneurial team, financially invested and personally involved in all portfolio companies.


Odewald KMU sells its majority stake in Heizkurier Group.

The majority stake in ARTUS Group is sold to a financial investor.


With a success history of around 15 years as a partner-led investment group in the German Mittelstand, Odewald KMU has undergone a rebranding – a complete regeneration to strengthen the core of the brand. “Our new appearance represents what makes us special – accompanying our partners with confidence and supporting them in achieving their goals”, says Heiko Arnold, Managing Partner of Odewald KMU.

The experts in digital transformation of ctrl QS join the portfolio.

Additionally, Education partners, an operator of several learning academies that focus on vocational training courses, is acquired.


Heizkurier acquires energy4rent, the market leader for mobile energy solutions in Austria, and expands its service portfolio to the areas of mobile power and steam solutions.

Bautrockung Schmittgall GmbH becomes part of ARTUS. The service portfolio is thereby expanded to include the areas of construction drying and winter construction heating. The subsequent acquisition of b&b marks the geographic expansion of ARTUS to southern Germany.


Growth continues unabated. In 2019, three majority investments are realised:

AMT develops and produces battery-powered mobile drive solutions

Damage restoration and refurbishing specialist for damage caused by fire, water and natural hazards

Group of dental centres with 4 locations in Berlin

Karl Schmidt acquires Spilker, thereby expanding the branch network by 10 locations in the region.


In 2018, Odewald KMU II invests with a majority stake in three other companies.

Supplier of door drives for elevators

Provider of mobile energy solutions

IT services provider for the tourism industry

In the same year, heizkurier acquires HDS Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG and thus enters the market for mobile cooling solutions.

The investment in 7days is sold.


As part of a succession plan, Odewald KMU II invests in the bakery chain Karl Schmidt. At entry, Karl Schmidt operates 55 branches. It is planned to make further acquisitions in the region.

The IT support services provider univativ is sold.


Univativ acquires Next Level Experts GmbH and thus strengthens its position in the area of the recruitment of salaried IT experts.

Odewald KMU sells the DPUW nursing home group to a Belgian investor after a holding period of six years.


Odewald KMU II
The Odewald KMU II fund is established with a volume of 200 million euros and continues the proven investment strategy of the first fund.

After the acquisition of Esser Anlagenbau GmbH, the Ebert Hera Esser Group is established.

The majority investments in PolytechDomilens and Media Central are sold.


By acquiring a majority stake in 7days, Odewald KMU invests in the market for medical professional clothing in Germany, Austria and France.


Odewald KMU I invests in Spieth & Wensky, a provider of traditional fashion.

Ebert Hera acquires Martin Hoffmann GmbH and univativ establishes a new subsidiary, provativ GmbH.

Through the acquisition of Domilens by the portfolio company Polytech, the PolytechDomilens Group – the leading distributor for intraocular lenses in Germany – is created.


Helmut Klingel is successfully sold to a new investor for its next growth step.

Odewald KMU takes over the majority in the IT support service provider univativ as part of growth financing.

Polytech acquires a majority share in HUCO Vision in Switzerland.


With Polytech and Media Central, Odewald KMU invests in two further portfolio companies.

Polytech provides medical services in the area of eye surgery.

At this time, Media Central was already the market leader for brochure marketing in Germany.

Ebert Hera expands with an investment in WOM Stahlbau GmbH.


At the beginning of the year, the portfolio grows by the nursing home group DPUW in Berlin.


Odewald KMU acquires a majority stake in the industrial service provider Ebert Hera.


The first Odewald KMU fund is established with a volume of 150 million euros.

Odewald makes its first investment – Helmut Klingel, a specialist in precision engineering.

Future-looking – our investments

The portfolio of Odewald KMU is balanced, growth-oriented and forward-looking. This is ensured by a mix of companies from attractive target sectors, such as German engineering, healthcare, intelligent service solutions and IT/software. An overview of our current investments.

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