Ebert Hera

Ebert HERA Esser provides industrial services (shutdown management, pipeline construction, electrical, measurement and control technology and heavy assembly, as well as plant operation and maintenance) for the operating and conversion phase in the area of primary technical equipment in the process industry.

Business Model

Ebert HERA Esser focuses primarily on multinational customers from the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as refineries. The group provides the entire value-added chain in the area of service and maintenance management with a full-service approach, from planning and implementation to documentation.

Investment rationale of Odewald KMU

Ebert HERA Esser serves customers from the high-growth chemical, petrochemical, refinery and pharmaceutical industries at various locations in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Ebert HERA Esser has positioned itself as a leading medium-sized full-service provider with high quality standards.

There are very good growth prospects with existing and new customers, as well as with further internationalisation, but also with the entry into new markets and the acquisition of smaller competitors. Odewald KMU invested in Ebert HERA Esser as part of a growth financing.