Education partners

Education partners operate several learning academies that focus on vocational training with various successful brands.

Business Model

As a provider of vocational training, Education partners develops, organizes, and distributes courses, seminars and trainings for people from various industries and professions who are interested in further education. Knowledge and contents are taught online, face-to-face, or within the framework of distance learning courses, thus providing maximum flexibility for potential participants.

With its core brands “Akademie für Kindergarten, Kita und Hort” and “Fernakademie für Pädagogik und Sozialberufe”, Education partners offers a broad course portfolio in the field of pedagogical topics and focuses on educators and pedagogical professionals. For several years, further academies in the fields of sports and health management, secretarial work and marketing have been rounding off the educational offer.

Education partners benefits from a lean organisational structure, as well as extensive expertise in the creation of courses and learning content, the certification processes for course content, and in the marketing of courses.

Investment rationale of Odewald KMU

With two strong brands, Education partners already holds a leading position in the attractive market for the vocational training of educators and pedagogical professionals. At the same time, additional brands have been successfully established in new segments over recent years.

In the coming years, strong growth is expected in existing academies, as well as in the recently created academies in new sectors such as nursing and tourism. Simultaneously, it is planned to implement innovative forms of learning across all academies. To realize this strategy, the founders and managing directors, Mr Eike Hovermann and Mr Jochen Brode, have formed a partnership with Odewald KMU. Odewald KMU invested in Education partners as part of a growth financing.

“Following the strong growth of our company in the past, we were looking for a reliable and financially strong partner who shares our vision and can strategically support our continued growth ambitions. Besides this, it was important for us to maintain our dynamic and flexible corporate culture and to continue to be able to quickly implement our innovative ideas. With Odewald KMU, we have found exactly this partner."

Jochen Brode and Eike Hovermann

Founders, Shareholders and Advisory Board Members

Education partners

“We are looking forward to the joint partnership with Messrs Hovermann and Brode and are convinced that we can provide significant support in the further development of Education partners. At the same time, we are proud to be investing in the attractive market for continuing vocational training, to develop sustainable learning methods there, and thereby also make an important contribution to society.”

Igor Golubov


Odewald KMU

News about the investment

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