DPUW Deutsche Pflege und Wohnstift operates nursing homes in the federal states of Berlin, Bavaria, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein.

Business Model

With 17 nursing homes with more than 3,000 care beds and, as a price and cost leader with good quality, DPUW has positioned itself among the largest private nursing home operators in Germany. The group focuses on very good quality of care in the individual homes, in combination with a pleasant, cosy design in the individual regions, together with a consistent outsourcing of ancillary services (cleaning and laundry) and an innovative meal concept.

Investment rationale of Odewald KMU

DPUW and its management have many years of experience in structuring and operating inpatient nursing homes. It has developed the existing nursing homes very successfully with margins above the market average. The success factors of DPUW are primarily the availability of excellent home managers in the individual facilities, who are largely responsible for managing “their” homes, and the consistent outsourcing of ancillary services. DPUW has good growth opportunities, both through the opening up of new facilities at attractive locations and through acquisitions in the very fragmented market. Odewald KMU invested in DPUW as part of a succession plan.

News about the investment

Odewald KMU Fund sells stake in the DPUW Group 15.09.2016 | News See news