Spieth & Wensky

Spieth & Wensky is one of the leading full-range suppliers of traditional costume and shoe fashion in the German-speaking regions.

Business Model

Spieth & Wensky has positioned itself as a quality supplier of costume fashion (leather trousers, dirndls and related products) in the middle price segment, with almost 100 years of tradition and around 400 employees. The products are designed in-house and procured via a joint venture in India or through suppliers in China, and distributed to specialist shops, stationary and internet-based retailers, as well as to its own stores.

Investment rationale of Odewald KMU

The success factors of Spieth & Wensky are the good price-performance ratio, the comprehensive range of products, and the fashionable design. The high quality –  especially of all leather products – is ensured via the joint venture with a strategically important producer in India. The stable and long-term relationships with well-known customers strengthen the market position, which is to be further enhanced in the long term by expanding the product range, further market penetration, and external growth. Odewald KMU has invested in Spieth & Wensky as part of a succession plan.

“The collaboration with Odewald KMU could not be better. We communicate at eye level and have regular exchanges, but can act freely in our daily business. We are pursuing the same goals, thus creating mutual trust and reliability.”

Michael Alten (left)

Managing Partner

Spieth & Wensky

“Impressive quality, the right mix of digital and stationary distribution and a good price-performance ratio make Spieth & Wensky a major player in the market for costume fashion. We are happy to support this traditional company on its way to a successful future.”

Heiko Arnold


Odewald KMU