Berlin, 15.01.2015

Successful disposal of the Polytech Domilens Group

Odewald KMU has successfully separated from the Polytech Domilens Group as part of a structured disposal process. The transaction was completed in January 2015.

Since the beginning of the partnership with Odewald KMU, Polytech Domilens has developed very positively. With a mixture of internal and external growth, not only has the product range of the Polytech Domilens Group been greatly expanded – new activities in Switzerland and Spain, and in the future also in Great Britain, as well as collaborations in Romania and Croatia, have significantly developed the company’s European presence. One milestone in this development was the acquisition of the Domilens Group in 2013 and the successful merger of Polytech and Domilens into the Polytech Domilens Group, which is today the largest manufacturer-independent distribution channel in Europe in the field of ophthalmological products. The successful implementation of the management succession plan has allowed the foundations to continue to be laid for the further growth of the corporate group.

With this transaction, the investors and the management, which has a significant stake in the company, have again generated a very pleasing return on the invested capital.