Berlin, 19.01.2018

Odewald KMU II invests in Langer & Laumann Engineering GmbH

Langer & Laumann Engineering GmbH of Nordwalde manufactures door drive modules for replacement repair and modernisation of lifts, machinery and window modules. The company was founded in 1998 and employs more than 20 people today. The core product of Langer & Laumann is a certified door control unit (DCU) with drive, control and mechanical components for opening and closing lift doors. By standardising with the help of different add-on components, Langer & Laumann has made the DCU compatible with almost all lift doors, thus substituting the door drive modules from original lift manufacturers. Besides Germany, the products are also distributed in other European countries. In addition to the lift market, Langer & Laumann also serves manufacturers of CNC machines with a drive module for opening and closing safety doors. Furthermore, the market for windows and doors has been opened up in recent years.

In order to support further growth and to establish a successor solution, the managing partners, Mr. Matthias Langer and Mr. Michael Laumann, have entered into a partnership with the investment company Odewald KMU of Berlin, which specialises in high-growth small and medium-sized companies. To this end, Odewald KMU has acquired a majority stake in Langer & Laumann. The founders continue to have a significant stake in the company. The joint goal of the shareholders is to increase market penetration in the next few years, in particular by expanding sales, and to open up new markets in other European countries. The parties have agreed not to disclose the amount of the investment and other details of the holding.