Berlin, 21.12.2018

Investment in GIATA GmbH successfully completed

Odewald KMU has successfully completed the fifth investment in the Odewald KMU II Fund. Together with the founding shareholders, Odewald KMU has acquired 100% of the shares in GIATA - Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung und Vermarktung interaktiver Tourismusanwendungen mbH [Company for the Development and Marketing of Interactive Tourism Applications] (“GIATA”).

Since 1996, GIATA has been the leading provider of “non-bookable content” to support its customers in the tourism industry, setting new standards in the processing and distribution of hotel content. The modular product range enables GIATA to offer complete solutions tailored to individual customers. GIATA combines innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital fingerprints with careful, manual research. Customers from more than 70 countries include almost all internationally known tour operators and travel agency chains, online travel agencies, the global travel distribution systems and internationally renowned travel portals. As a result, GIATA has established itself as the market leader in the market segments served by the company in the rapidly growing tourism market worldwide.

In order to support further growth, the founding shareholders have entered into a partnership with the investment company Odewald KMU of Berlin, which specialises in high-growth small and medium-sized companies. For this purpose, Odewald KMU has acquired a majority stake in GIATA. The founding shareholders have reinvested significantly in the company and will be available to the company in the long term. The joint goal of the shareholders is to continue to grow sustainably in the next few years with the existing product range and to successfully position the currently launching product innovations on the market. The parties have agreed not to disclose the amount of the investment and other details of the holding.